About this Case Study


Jewish General Hospital

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in Canada, Jewish General Hospital in Montreal feared that they would not have enough room to accommodate for a rapid increase in patients and began searching for a temporary COVID-19 testing, evaluation and staffing space solution.


Having worked with WillScot in the past, the hospital turned to WillScot’s local Montreal team to deliver a modular solution in less than a month. In 30 days, the first of two new testing clinics was set up on top of a parking structure adjacent to the hospital.

The first clinic was built using 6 modular buildings, while the second clinic was installed 6 months after the first using 8 modular buildings. Between the two clinics, a 10 foot wooden corridor was built so hospital staff can easily navigate between the buildings and examination rooms.

Inside, the two clinics were configured to include reception areas and waiting rooms, patient restrooms, staff lounges, lockers and showers and 24 examination rooms. Both clinics were also equipped with ADA and IBC compliant ramps and steps, desks, chairs, refrigerators, plexi-glass protection screens, window blinds and even a kettle, so that the hospital could get right to work treating patients from day one.