About this Case Study


A Custom, Award-Winning Building to Aid Naval Operations

The double-wide building holds a 24' x 20' air traffic control simulator room and a 12' x 20' radar simulator room. For clear viewing of the simulator monitors, the interior walls and ceiling of the room are painted black and the carpet is dark brown. There are no windows, which helps keep the building cool. The exterior was designed with T1-11 exterior siding, gooves 8" on center, Gable Roof and standard wall-hung air conditioning units.


The unobtrusive color scheme of beige body and brown trims blends with existing buildings at the airfield. To accommodate the simulator projectors, consoles, servers and PCs, 20-amp duplex outlets, each on a separate breaker, were installed throughout the building. The breaker panel is accessible without having to move the TSS visual system components. All servers are powered through a non-interruptable power supply that provides for a timely shut down of the system in case of power failures. A fire alarm system was provided as well as high-speed data jacks and a communication panel. The simulator room was designed with its own 3-ton air conditioning unit and the briefing room with a 1.25-ton unit.

The Tower Simulator Shelter received a national award from the Modular Building Institute. Hawaii Modular Space, Inc. won First Place in the Special Application category.