In-Plant Offices

As new modular technology continues to offer businesses fast, flexible and economical solutions to space challenges worldwide, WillScot brings it to Hawaii, with a variety of In-Plant facilities ready to meet your needs.

Discover In-Plant Facilities

A variety of modular offices, mezzanines, and guardhouses are available right here in the islands. Called “in-plant facilities,” they provide fast, simple, efficient solutions:

  • 100% movable
  • 100% re-usable
  • Less than 30% of the cost of site-built construction
  • Sound-absorbing capabilities

In-plant facilities are versatile, technologically advanced, and easily repaired:

  • Guard & service booths: Units are made with heavy duty, weather-resistant, non-corroding materials to keep staff secure and comfortable. Optional features include A/C, electrical access, forkliftable bases, exterior lighting and secure windows and doors.
  • Mezzanines: Transform empty space into usable space. Ideal for equipment platforms, production or packing areas, catwalks, inspection areas and more.
  • Lunch rooms: Units come equipped with electric circuits for microwaves, vending machines and other necessary appliances.
  • Movable walls & partitions: Designed to fit the needs of any office building. Create conference rooms, dark rooms, control rooms, sound booth or machine enclosures and break rooms with configurable space options.
  • Our turnkey solutions include stairs, landings, gates and safety handrails.


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Basic office package inside of a mobile office trailer

Modular Office Packages

Get everything you need to make the unit functional.

coworkers reviewing plans on a conference room table

Data Package

Save time and money by pre-wiring the unit with data and electrical.

Basic entrance package outside of a mobile office trailer

Entrance Package

Ensure that you are OSHA and ADA code-compliant.