About this Case Study


Memorial Hospital Bakersfield

Memorial Hospital, based in Bakersfield, California, was in need of additional COVID-19 testing space to help their hospital prepare for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 cases. Unlike hospitals in the surrounding area, Memorial Hospital wanted a solution that provided greater longevity and protection from the elements than temporary triage tents.


Hospital administrators contacted the WillScot team in Bakersfield, and soon thereafter opted to expand their original idea for a COVID-19 testing center to a larger modular triage building where staff could efficiently register, triage and care for patients safely outside of the hospital. Once the new direction for the hospital's temporary space was decided, the WillScot team got right to work, quickly delivering 16 FLEX mobile offices adjacent to the hospital's emergency room entry

The new one-story modular triage building was divided with use of partition walls into 10 exam rooms, several private offices, a nurses station, an X-ray room, utility space, restrooms and a lab draw area. The building was made accessible by a custom ADA compliant entrance ramp into the building and was equipped with an EKG machine, a dual AC/heating unit, hand washing stations, desks, chairs, tables and more to help patients and staff feel comfortable as soon as the clinic doors opened.