Modular Commercial Buildings

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Regardless of whether you are selling durable and/or non-durable goods to your buyers, having the right distribution process is critical. Part of that distribution process is how and where you present those goods. That's where our commercial modular buildings come in. No matter what your situation, our mobile space solutions are a great fit for your retail operations.

Is your location conveying the right impression?

  • Are you constructing a permanent store but need swing space now?
  • Is there enough space to show your product to its best advantage?
  • Do you need multiple locations or are you a seasonal retailer?

Commercial modular buildings provide that bright and clean environment you require right now, ranging from new home sales centers or pro shops to seaside pop-up shops. Our furnishings, appliances and accessories can make that modular space ready to work as soon as you accept delivery so you will never miss a sales opportunity! Beyond the showroom, we can also assist you in the stock room. Inventory levels ebb and flow with the seasons and our storage containers make it easy to safely and securely go with the flow.

A good location can translate into higher sales. Our mobile office solutions can transform any location into a winner.

Options for Retail and Commercial Companies

Modular Offices

Modular Complexes

An ideal solution for temporary retail shops and shopping centers.

Storage Container

Portable Storage Containers

Got an overflow of stock? Our retail storage containers can help.



Perfectly customizable for a your commercial needs no matter where.