Insurance & Waivers Package

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Get the coverage without the hassle and high cost deductible

Damage Waiver

Even if your company has its own property insurance policy, it makes good business sense to add the WillScot Damage Waiver. Here’s why:

  • The Waiver covers all WillScot owned equipment and is effective immediately upon delivery.*
  • The Waiver protects against any cost increase or negative rating to your company’s current policy in the event of a claim.
  • Our waiver deductible is likely much lower than your company’s standard insurance deductible.
  • Provides protection and piece-of-mind for a very low monthly out-of-pocket cost on one bill.

*The waiver does not cover damages due to negligence.

General Liability

We’ve partnered with Allen Insurance Group to offer you a General Liability program that’s an easy, turn-key option that meets the requirements of the lease.

Hassle-Free: No need to contact your insurance company; worry about expiring certificates, or being cancelled.

Convenient: Easy monthly payments will be invoiced with your lease.

Timely: No coordination between agencies required; coverage begins after the unit is set and occupied and automatically ends upon the termination of your lease.

Superior Service: 24/7 claims reporting to a toll-free number means there’s always someone available when you need them.