Get Your Site Ready for Your Office Trailer Delivery

After your building has been ordered, you’ll need to prepare your site for delivery. Here's what you need to know to make sure delivery comes off without a hitch.

Truck carrying a mobile office trailer for delivery

Get Your Permits

Before you do anything else, secure all required federal, state, or local permits before your building is delivered. These can take a while so start early.

Prepare the Foundation

You'll need a firm, flat area to support your mobile office trailers. Paved or compacted gravel is best, but a firm dirt foundation works, too. It should be leveled. Avoid areas where pooling water could be a problem as this can weaken your foundation over time.

Dial 811

If your building will be anchored to the ground, call 811 before you dig. This is a free federal service for locating and demarking underground utilities. Call 811 early to ensure any utilities are marked before the delivery of your building.

Connect Utilities

If you will be connecting the city electric, water, or sewer services, contact your local utility providers to establish connections. Likewise, if you plan to use a generator for power, you’ll need an electrician to run power to your modular building.

Delivery Day

Make sure there is room for a truck to deliver and remove the building, and room for any local deliveries. Plan for at least six feet on all sides, though some local codes require additional space. Again, check with your local permitting office to find out about the requirements for your site.

When your scheduled delivery time arrives, make sure all gates are open and an authorized representative is on site to meet the driver and show where the building should be set.

If you forgot something, such as steps, furniture or portable storage units, contact your provider. A quality building provider should have everything you need to get ready to work.