Selecting a Provider

Once you have the basic information regarding your space needs, choosing the right provider is just as important as choosing the right building.

Fast, Simple Service You Can Count On

Like any vendor, a poor office trailer provider can create headaches that distract you from completing your project and last long after the project is done. A quality provider will respond quickly, make the leasing process easier and inspire confidence that your business is in good hands.

The Right Office Trailer for You

You have limited space on your job site and need sufficient room for your entire team. Look for a provider with a wide selection of mobile office trailers for rent so you can get the right office trailer for you. The company’s website is a good place to start. Does it show a good range of buildings? If they don’t have the exact size you’re looking for, do they have a suitable alternative?

Location, Location, Location

Does the provider have a location in the same city or state? A supplier who has a branch near your jobsite is advantageous as it can reduce delivery fees. Look for a provider with a large network of locations.

Single Solution Provider

Furnished conference room

Getting started and staying productive from day one is the best way to meet tight deadlines. Look for an office trailer provider that can deliver everything you need to make your office trailer a full-functioning business hub with minimal effort. Office trailer providers that also rent things like furniture, steps and ramps, portable sanitation, insurance and more, can save you time before and after your project is completed. Working with one provider and keeping these related services under one bill simplifies managing your project and makes your accounting easier.

The rental process

Most providers will let you request a quote on their websites. Or, if you need help in determining the best option to fit your needs, a sales representative should be able to quickly answer any questions.

The typical process involves an initial quote and a conversation with a sales representative to finalize the cost and contract. Make sure you check with your local authorities regarding relevant building codes and required permits.

Not all providers are the same. With proper research and planning, leasing a modular building is an easy, fast and affordable way to get additional space.